The Secret Behind the Arts ?

     To learn more about the secret powers behind martial arts, tai-chi and yoga, visit our full 7 page article below. Take a journey with us, and learn the roots of these eastern mystical practices, and the spiritual dangers which are not told by the instructors and masters of these arts !

It is our prayer that the LORD will bless you abundantly as you read these pages, and that you will know His great love and power in your life !

We are also making available a new 5 part series from Little Light Studios and Amazing Discoveries. This series will answer the questions which many within the Christian faith are now being faced.  The film set includes five messages, totaling 4 hours 53 mins in length, and is available on DVD, as well as digital download at the links below. and from

Please contact us at Isaiah Ministries if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, or have any questions.


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